What is Grupo Animo? : Grupo Animo is a company consisting of youth from all backgrounds and areas of San Antonio and beyond. Under the guidance and mentorship of professional teaching artist and directors, company members, along with other youth performers from throughout the city make their voice heard with a month of thought provoking, engaging and culturally relevant Teatro. 
Mission: Our mission in Grupo Animo is to use Teatro to instill an understanding of the value of culture, creativity, and community. Students are taught to use their talents to express themselves and work cooperatively with others in order to archive a goal. We strive to provide a safe space for our members to feel comfortable no matter what race, sex, economic background, or sexual orientation. Lastly, we understand that through Chicano, Latino, and Native American arts and culture, we can revolutionizes how we imagine the world. 
Goal: Our goal at the end of the program is to have taught students, basics of teatro, acting, teamwork, poetry, creative writing, and videography. This will all be showcased at the end of the program with an online performance created by the Grupo Animo Members.
Dates: Mon-Friday July 6th – 31st 
Times: TBA 
For ages 13-18 
Free program and all experience welcome. 
Jorge Piña, Programs Director
Maria Ibarra, Grupo Animo Professor
Nicolas Valdez, Grupo Animo Professor